Google Business Model and SCAMPER

PAda suatu pagi yang cerah sayadan kelompok saya membuat business model dan SCAMPER ANALYSIS dari google untuk dipresentasikan.. hmmm gimana yah mbah google dalam prosess businessnya jika digambarkan dengan business model dan scamper.

hehehe 😀 JENGJENG

Key activities dari google berdasarkan dari tahun kejadian :

—1996  January, Google starts as a project named BackRub
—1998  September, Google opened its door in Menlo Park, CA
—2000  Google officially become the world’s largest search engine with its introduction of a   billion page index. The also introduced Adwords and Google Toolbar
—2001  August, Dr.Eric Schmidt appointed as a CEO of Google
—2003    Google acquired Pyra Labs and became the home for blogger, a leading provider of   services for those inclined to share their thoughts with the world through online journals
—2004  July, Google acquired Picasa, a digital photo management company that helps users to   organize, manage and share their digital photos. October, Google acquired Keyhole, a   digital and satellite image mapping company based in Google’s own headquater town in   Mountain View, CA
—2005  Google acquired web analytics firm Urchin Software. Google also renamed their Earth   Viewer product that gave the three dimensional view of earth to Google Earth. Google   entered into a partnership with Sun Microsystems in October 2005 to help share and   distribute each other’s technologies
—2006    Google bought the online video site YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock.
—2007    On April 13, 2007, Google reached an agreement to acquire DoubleClick for   $3.1 billion, giving Google valuable relationships that DoubleClick had with Web   publishers and advertising agencies. Later that same year, Google purchased GrandCentral   for $50 million.The site would later be changed over to Google Voice.
—2008     Google developed a partnership with GeoEye to launch a satellite providing Google with   high-resolution (0.41 m monochrome, 1.65 m color) imagery for Google Earth.
Customer relationship yang dilakukan google antara lain :
—Google ada G+ > building communities
—Self-Service > a company provides no direct relationship to customers, but provides them with necessary ways/means to help themself
—Google account : Automated Services > Automated services can recognize individual customers with their profiles and characteristics
—Co-Creation : Youtube : encouraging user generated content
Mereka ada OFFER :

—Make it easy for anyone to get information
—Opportunities to earn money using Google Adsense
Mereka ada Cost and revenue sebagai berikut :
—Cost Structure

Google is applying a value-driven cost structure, which means they less concern with the cost implications and more focusing on how the cost can become a great benefit for the customer or in another word is focusing on value creation

—Some of main Google cost :
—Online Data Storage
—IT Infrastructure


—Revenue Streams

97% revenue from advertisement (in form of Google sponsored links, Googleadwords, and GoogleAdSense)

—Collect marketing data on consumer habits, then selling the data
—Charging other search engines to use their catalog
adapun lengkapnya digambarkan pada gambar berikut ;
















—Substitute  = Google +, substitute with google games, like armor games, to play online games
—Combine  = GoogleMusic with Windows Media Player
—Adapt   = Create Micro Social Networking like twitter
—Put to other uses = Because they has google earth and google maps, they can uses for military defences
—Eliminasi   = Eliminate google pop Ad because it’s disturbing through the surfers
—Rearrange= google chrome integrated with download manager where they dont have to re-download when the internet is down
That’s It ! love you Susu!
Muhammad Qareza Qualdi 19009044

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