What I Was Born For…

When i was a kid, i was very excited  with my life.

I was very curious about all the things that i found intresting such as Climbing trees, walking in the pavement, learning how to ride a bike and so on.

Then i realized that my life must have purpose, that my life is very important, that God have a wonderful plan for me to live.

Then i started to find my way to know what i was born to be.

I played very good in soccer, then i thought i was born to be a soccer player. But then i had an injury problem, then i thought God msut be disagree with me being a soccer player because of this injury. So i quit.

Then i started to play Tennis, i love this sport, then i thought i was born to be a tennis player. But then i realized i didn’t play well and after 3 years of practicing, i decided to quit because i was disappointed with my coach that didn’t pick me to the team for the tournament.

Then i decided that i had enough to become a sportsman, so i started to learn something that “real” enough. I started to read my mom’s books, Medical books. At first i didn’t understand it all but somehow i really love it and i enjoyed it.

But, God’s will is different.

Somehow I end up studying in business school, 180 degrees.

So I thought God never agree with me.

Then i become very desperate, hopeless, all the things that i wanted will never be true, so i decided that i will never have plan again. Although i knew  that without plan, i was like a kid in a big town, i’ll be lost.

Even now, i don’t have a good scores in business school, i hardly like it to be honest, i lost my passion , i lost my curiosity to learn something new.

I still don’t know until now, what is God’s plan for me, What i was born for…

Then She came, from nowhere :’)

like  dust in the sand, like  salt in the seawater. Unseen, but i really can feel it, taste it, and smell it 🙂 .

She told me something that i never realized

She told me something that’s hidden from my fool eyes

She told me the other way, to enjoy my life


God Never Disagree with me…

If only i had hold on to my injury and recovered, maybe i would have been a soccerplayer

If only i had never left my tennis team and practice more hard, maybe i would have end up being a tennis player

If only i had studied more often and more compassion, maybe i would have studying in medical school.

God knows what is the best for me..

I get what i deserve…

When i pray to God, God never says NO, God will answer YES, Not NOW, or I have something better for you…

She told me that…

More Important, she told me that she’s proud of me. No matter who i am and what i will be to be..

She accept me with all my problems

She loves me not “because” i’m something… but she loves me “although” i’m something..

Since then, i can smile..inside and out..

Thankful to God, that had send me my beloved angel..


I love you Susuuu 😀 *LOVE*



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